Imperial Wharf Jazz Festival 2013


Thursday 19th September, 6–10 pm
Saturday 21st September, 1–10 pm


The Boulevard, Imperial Wharf, London SW6 2QD Cord blood.

Facilities On Offer

Imperial Wharf not only offers a wide range of haute cuisine restaurants, retail and leisure opportunities but also hosts the highly acclaimed Imperial Wharf Jazz Festival.

Imperial Wharf Jazz Festival

The Imperial Wharf Jazz Festival has established itself as London’s premier stage for some of Britain’s finest musicians. The free event, held on the Boulevard at Imperial Wharf, presents some of the very best jazz artists in the UK and gives Londoners the opportunity to hear these great artists in a fantastic surrounding. Travel by train to the Imperial Wharf railway station, or only a short walk from Fulham Broadway underground.
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Well Connected

Transport links from Imperial Wharf are impressive.

JAB International

Visit Us

Visit JAB Anstoetz at their exciting London showroom, which opened in March 2010, at 17 The Boulevard, Imperial Wharf, London. The stylish and spacious showroom is the first JAB Anstoetz street level showroom in the UK, serving both UK and international clients. The stylish and spacious showroom is the first JAB Anstoetz street level showroom in the UK, serving both UK and international clients. Cord blood banking cost.

Our Spectacular Space

The spectacular space features 4.5m high ceilings, a cafe bar and Wi-Fi connectivity. Residential customers can also take advantage of a full design service through one of JAB’s many interior design customers. The complete range of JAB collections are on display alongside the latest fabric selections from Chivasso, Carlucci di Chivasso and the Soleil Bleu par Wellmann range. Here.

Of German Heritage

Founded in Germany in 1946, JAB Anstoetz is one of the world’s leading fabric houses and is renowned for providing the very best furnishing and decoration fabrics, wall coverings, curtain rails and poles, window treatments and carpets. JAB Anstoetz is family owned and has representation in over 80 countries.

JAB Collections

JAB collections include Outdoor, Carpets, Design Collection and Grandezza, with new launches twice a year. Further brands offered by the JAB Anstoetz group of companies include Four Seasons, Soleil Bleu par Wellmann, Chivasso and Carlucci di Chivasso. The inspiration behind the stunning fabric designs comes from the colours, textures and patterns of a broad spectrum of cultures. With millions of metres of fabric in stock at any one time JAB is able to offer a wide selection of products to suit all tastes across the residential, hotel, and hospitality sectors.

Imperial Wharf – The Ultimate Riverside Destination

Located on the River Thames

Located in one of the most sought after locations on the north bank of the River Thames, adjacent to Chelsea Harbour, Imperial Wharf is London’s premier riverside address. Cord blood banking.

The Amazing Surroundings

A host of fine shops, bars and restaurants are on the doorstep giving residents and visitors alike an even greater variety of choice when at Imperial Wharf. Visit the website.

A Range Of Commercial Opportunities

Imperial Wharf also offers a range of commercial opportunities, including restaurant, retail and flexible office space, available for sale or let.

Imperial Wharf Jobs And Careers Fair

The Wharf Rooms Imperial Wharf

St George, in partnership with the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, will be hosting the fourth annual Jobs and Careers Fair at Imperial Wharf on Thursday 27th January 2011, to highlight the range of employment and training opportunities available at Imperial Wharf and throughout Hammersmith and Fulham.

Visitors Will Meet Many Organisations

Visitors to the Imperial Wharf Jobs and Careers Fair 2011 will be able to meet a range of organisations offering employment opportunities and job seeker advice. There will be plenty of information available through a variety of agencies including Westfield’s Work Zone, who provided careers advice and information on how to gain support and assistance, access pre-employment training geared towards securing employment in the borough, organise work placements, debt support and provide childcare support for those wishing to return to employment. Cord blood.

Exhibitors At The Fair Include

Exhibitors at the 2011 Jobs & Careers Fair include many top organisations.

Event Formalities

The event will be officially opened by Councilor Botterill, Hammersmith & Fulham.
The next Imperial Wharf Jobs & Careers Fair is to be held at The Wharf Rooms, Imperial Wharf, on Thursday 27th January 2011.


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Cord Blood Banking

Birth Of A New Born Baby

After the birth of a new born, some of the baby’s blood is left in the umbilical cord and the placenta. Through cord blood banking, this blood is stored for future use. The cord blood contains hematopoietic stem cells. Stem cells can develop to other cells of the body, such as skin cells. These cells are used to create new body tissues in the future. Through cord blood banking, hematopoietic cells can be retrieved later. The cells are essential since they are used to treat diseases. Cord blood banking cost.

Advantages of Cord Blood Banking

Some of the conditions that can be treated are genetic disorders, infections in the immunity system, and some types of cancers such as leukemia. Through cord blood banking, the blood is frozen and stored. This enables the blood to stay longer in the facility. The blood is ready to be used when the need arises. Cord Blood Banking also makes it possible for stem cells to be given to many people. Here.

One Disadvantage of Cord Blood Banking

One disadvantage of using Cord Blood Banking is that it doesn’t have many stem cells. The cord blood has a low number of stem cells. The blood may need to be supplemented for the cells to be adequate, especially when it is being transferred to adults.

Two Types of Cord Blood Banking

There exist two types of Cord Blood Banking. Blood from the umbilical cord and the placenta is stored in either public or private banks. The choice of either of the storage ways may be influenced by the differences between the two.

Public Cord Blood Banking

Public Cord Blood Banking entails storing blood that is for transplants. In this type of storage, one is not charged to store cord blood. On the other hand, the cord blood can be used on anyone who matches the sample. People who donate to public banks go through several medical procedures. Their blood is screened for disorders that may occur in the blood or immunity systems. The mother’s blood is also tested for any infections and genetic diseases. During storage, the cord blood is labeled and stored in a computerized manner to ease its retrieval.

Private Cord Blood Banking

Private Cord Blood Banking is also known as Family Blood Banking. The storage is only done to assist a family member if the need arises. The banking service charges a fee annually for the room. Some private banks store cord blood without a fee if the family has a person in the family who has a problem treatable by stem cells. Nevertheless, the Cord Blood stored in private banks has to meet the standards of the blood stored in public banks. When saving blood in a private bank, one signs a contract and pays before the baby is born.

Cord Blood Banking Process

Cord blood for banking is collected through a painless process. After giving birth, the umbilical cord is fastened immediately it has been cut. Using a needle, the blood is drained from the umbilical cord to a bag attached to the needle. The process does not consume much time since it only takes 10 minutes. Even before labor, consent is given to the donor.